Secure Processing of Stream Cipher Encrypted Data Issued from IOT: Application to a Connected Knee Prosthesis

In this paper, we propose a secure protocol that allows processing encrypted data emitted by a medical IOT device. Its originality stands on a new fast algorithm which makes possible the conversion of Combined Linear Congruential Generator (CLCG) encrypted data into data homomorphically encrypted with the Damgard-Jurik (D-J) cryptosystem. By doing so, an honest-but-curious third party, like a smartphone, can process data issued from the IOT devices (e.g. raising a health alert) without endangering data privacy while CLCG can be integrated in an IOT of low computation capabilities. Moreover, in order to reduce communication and computation complexities compared to existing solutions and to achieve a real time solution, we further propose a secure packed version of CLCG in the D-J domain. With it a medical IOT can encrypt several pieces of data at once while allowing a third party to independently convert and process them in their D-J homomorphic encrypted form. We theoretically and experimentally demonstrate the performance of our solution in the case of a connected knee prosthesis, the data of which are processed for patient monitoring.

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